100 Global Digital Artists will be selected and organize a Metaverse exhibition

The 1st ARTSCLOUD Digital Art Fair Artist Competition / Courtesy of ARTSCLOUD

The artist management startup “ARTSCLOUD”, which supports artists’ sustainable art activities, will organize the 1st Digital Art Fair Artist Award until November 30.

This award is held for innovative artists who cross various art boundaries through digital work. All domestic and foreign individuals or groups 19 years of age or older, including established artists, may participate, and all digital works or digital-converted works may be applied.

The works of 100 teams selected by the judges’ evaluation will be displayed simultaneously in Seongsu-dong, one of the most chic places in Seoul, and on the Metaverse platform from January to May 2022. Among them, the collector will select works and will buy one worth 100,000 USD.

In addition, the 100 teams of artists selected will benefit from one year of management service, including the worldwide promotion of artists and their works, and meeting with collectors. In addition to the judges’ evaluation, five artists selected through the public evaluation will benefit from special exhibitions and production of goods.

Jung-Woong Yang, who is Artistic Director and Assessor of this prize, said, “This art prize is a great opportunity to meet the digital works of artists from all over the world, who are trying something new beyond boundaries of the genre in one place. and then, “Above all, it can be the great chance for artists to grow, because artists can show their portfolio through the offline exhibition and at the same time on the Metaverse platform.

Bo-Hyung Kim, the founder of ARTSCLOUD said, “Artists from around 20 countries have already paid attention and applied for this competition. Starting with online and offline exhibitions, we will do our best to discover and manage potential artists to help them pursue their works. »

Meanwhile, ARTSCLOUD received a great response from visitors, as they reinterpreted the works of Michelangelo, a great Renaissance artist who used media art last year. Through this, ARTSCLOUD has gained attention as an artist management startup that discovers and supports the growth of artists, who capture their own stories using art and technology in convergent ways.

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Marilyn M. Davis