4 female digital artists on the future of NFTs

NFTs are one of the most discussed topics today when it comes to art, fashion, and more. With industry leaders like Meta pushing for the Metaverse and major brands releasing digital collections, the virtual space has become a huge platform for new and emerging artists to showcase their work.

Hypebae China met four female digital artists – KARA RABBIT, Ruby Gloom, Hsunic-Ann and Hélène, the designer — to discuss the future of all things web3. KARA RABBIT is a freelance designer who creates pixelated bunnies for her NFT collection, while Ruby Gloom is the artist behind RUBY 9100M, a digital transhuman being who wears all manner of hyper-realistic outfits. Hsunic-Ann is a Chinese illustrator who creates the three-dimensional series “Miss Button”, and Helen, The Creator is the founder of Asian Girlz NFT.

Keep scrolling to read our conversation with KARA RABBIT, Ruby Gloom, Hsunic-Ann and Helen, The Creator on the future of NFTs, the Metaverse and more.

How would you describe your artistic style?

RABBIT KARA My style focuses on 8-bit graphics, as well as a flat, two-dimensional look and pop art aesthetic. The entire KARA RABBIT collection is pixelated, which makes it possible to create complex images from the simplest elements, thus sparking the imagination.

“Pixel Rabbit” was my first NFT collection, and the initial goal was to create a “super elemental” rabbit, similar to the elementalist Lux Skin on Riot Games. League of Legends. I wanted my bunny to be both cute and fun. The artwork itself gives a feeling of relaxation and calm, and I also hope my bunnies can bring people a sense of healing.

Hélène, the designer My NFT work combines the use of art with storytelling and utility. Asian Girlz NFT characters are inspired by my love for 80’s Nintendo arcade games and video games. Each NFT character inspires viewers and buyers to imagine the stories and interesting lives of our characters leaving the place to our storytelling platform.

dark ruby Ruby 9100M is a character that could be seen as an extension of my identity, but also a door that separates the real world from virtual space. When I first created her, I just wanted to create an identity that would live on social media. Having spent a lot of time on the internet, I felt like I was losing my sense of myself. I decided to learn 3D art and found it to be a great way for me to connect with myself, so I created Ruby 9100M to express my emotions.

Hsunic Ann I like to combine all my favorite figures and models to create my NFT work. I believe there are so many more possibilities to explore in the NFT space, which is now so big in China. For example, many platforms leverage the metaverse.

What do you think of NFTs and digital work from an artist’s perspective?

RABBIT KARA Before delving into NFTs, my perception of digital art was more of CGI and art design in games.

Hélène, the designer Most of my artistic creations in the past were more traditional, like physical paintings and sculptures. When I got into NFTs, I started experimenting more with digital tools and applications, such as computer-generated graphics, animation, and 3D.

dark ruby NFT is one of the things that creates value for digital art. In my opinion, most NFTs with high artistic value are created by a team or created with the participation of recognized artists. NFTs can also help shine a light on the works of lesser-known artists.

Hsunic Ann I agree with Ruby that NFT brings a new atmosphere to the digital art scene. Digital art is currently at the heart of commercial art. Since we are in a time heavily influenced by technology, there are so many works of art based on computers and electronic products. I’m an animation student myself, and now animations are produced on computers rather than traditional paper and brushes.

Speaking of the wider impact of digital art, Helen, how did you come up with the idea of ​​featuring Asian women from different backgrounds in the form of NFTs?

Hélène, the designer I started Asian Girlz as an NFT project to bring together the power of blockchain technology and a community of supporters. We gave them the opportunity to help fund a project that empowers Asian women and help create a culturally meaningful and powerful entertainment society. Each of our Asian Girlz NFT characters has different names, jobs, locations, and stories. Our Asian Girlz characters ask the viewer or NFT buyer to imagine them as real human beings with diverse and complex stories.

Throughout the pandemic, anti-Asian hate crimes and assaults against Asian women have increased at an alarming rate. This NFT project comes at a very important time when art, technology and storytelling can help bridge what divides us and hopefully help fight racism.

How do you think being a designer makes your job different? And how does it generate different social influences?

RABBIT KARA I believe that the art we create is not in the material world, but rather in the spiritual world. I hope my work has the power to heal. We don’t just create NFTs, but we spread positive energy through them. We hope to continue building a strong community in the metaverse where more people can participate and connect.

Hélène, the designer Thanks to web3, more and more women are starting to get involved in the male-dominated world of technology. It’s really exciting to see more NFT projects led by women. I hope these initiatives will help girls gain the confidence to try new things in this space.

dark ruby This space is mostly dominated by male designers and buyers. As a female artist, I believe it is important to push more projects with female-centric themes to encourage greater participation from women around the world.

Hsunic Ann “Miss Button”, the IP I am currently posting on NFT platforms is more “feminine” in terms of creative elements and style compared to others I have created in the past. I didn’t create these visuals specifically for women collectors, but I would be happy if it could attract more women to the world of NFTs.

Today’s digital space serves as a platform for women considered less “traditional” in the field, allowing them to offer different and unique perspectives to the community. How do you see the future of female artists in NFT creation and digital art?

RABBIT KARA NFTs are an extension of the Metaverse, which is currently in its infancy. We should focus not only on digital art, but also on the development of technologies covering virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 5G and more. I would love to see more artists and tech savvy people get involved in building the future of the metaverse.

As a female artist, I hope we can not only promote art in the virtual world, but also raise awareness of social issues. We can use the digital space to help those in need.

Hélène, the designer The NFT industry is just starting to take off and is changing rapidly every day. We’re starting to see so many different types of projects and I think that’s exciting because female artists have an incredible opportunity to be really creative in this space and have a big impact and even start leading in this space.

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