A new generation of digital artists are finding new ways to promote themselves and survive with Huawei themes

Even during the global pandemic, you’ve relied on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter to stay connected and relevant. However, these platforms cannot go any further as increased competition and ongoing algorithm changes have made life difficult once again. It’s no wonder so many digital artists around the world are looking to find success through other channels.

If you’re in the same boat, have you heard of Huawei themes? Huawei Mobile Services’ service is available on all Huawei and Honor devices and allows users to personalize their mobile phones with designed and artistic “themes” – created exclusively by you.

For creatives who submit their creations, it turns out to be a great tool for self-promotion: artists can bring their creativity to life through animated lock screens, adaptive wallpapers (based on phone position) or custom icons. And with millions of daily users and over eight million themes uploaded every month in Europe alone, that’s a huge audience to reach.

Jönas Jödicke is one of many digital artists to benefit from this; he joined Huawei Themes at the start of the lockdown. Based in Berlin, he creates what he calls ‘Fantasy Art’ with visuals from “unknown and magical worlds, mostly using dark and mystical colors”.

The lockdown has proven successful for Jönas, as he has since released six themes for Huawei and seen a marked increase in people following and engaging with his work. “As an artist, I faced many challenges in my life to exhibit my art in different ways, and I was looking for a new digital platform with millions of users,” he explains, which is why he decided to partner with Huawei Themes. “It allows me to develop new creative ways to express my art, but also to reach a new type of audience in Europe but also in Asia”, he adds.

If this sounds good to you and you want to get your name out there, you can learn more about how to get involved at huaweimobileservices.com/huaweithemes. And that’s not all; Huawei Themes is launching a new integrated program for all digital artists in Europe by the end of 2020, which promises to “unleash the potential of all these artists and explore their creativity”. Watch this place!

Marilyn M. Davis