Best Free Drawing Software for Windows 10 to Bring Out the Artist in You

Freehand drawing was one of the first methods of bringing the human imagination to paper (or leaf). Since the 90s, every operating system has included basic drawing software. In the case of Windows 10, this is MS Paint. If you want to explore options beyond that, check out this article for the best free drawing software for Windows 10.

Drawing software for Windows 10

Although drawing software has been in the market for almost 3 years now, it was very primitive before. Over time, a lot has changed with the characteristics of these products. Now, you can also create 3D designs with a few of these software products. Interestingly, most drawing software is free.

  1. My Painting
  2. Fresh paint
  3. 3D painting
  4. Weaver
  5. krita

The best free drawing software for Windows 10 are:

1]My painting

MyPaint is a drawing software designed to facilitate drawing on a tablet. Ideally, most drawing software products are created for desktop or laptop computers. However, as people started to switch to tablets, the need at the time was to create software that could easily draw with pens or fingers. To learn more about MyPaint, check out the official site here.

2]Fresh paint

Fresh paint

If you need a good reason to download Fresh Paint, the software was created by Microsoft Corporation. Which means it’s both compatible with your system and complementary to regular Paint software. While regular paint has some limitations for those interested in freehand drawing, Fresh Paint includes all the features an artist needs. This amazing software can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store here.

3]Paint 3D


Paint 3D is another amazing software from Microsoft Corporation. Much like Paint, Paint 3D is drawing software with the added benefit of allowing freehand drawing in 3 dimensions instead of two. This software has many more features than regular paint and is considered sufficient for making 3D artistic impressions by many. Learn more about this software on the Microsoft Store here.

BONUS ADVICE: Sketchable is a wonderful drawing application for Windows 10 users.



Artweaver is software for beginners who want to make amazing paintings. It can help you create precise and impactful designs. With features like Airbrushes, Conte Brushes and Calligraphy Pens etc. Artweaver is the perfect drawing tool for you. This tool is especially favorable for children.



If you are a freehand artist interested in creating comic book characters, try Krita software. It is specially designed for those who wish to learn and practice the art of comics. Krita is powerful software and you won’t feel the need to buy paid software after using it.

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My Painting

Marilyn M. Davis