Bright Pop Art inspired digital paintings of people in public and private by Mario Sughi

From dressy, and a heavy focus on clothes and accessories, to undress – it’s a British-inspired, Pop Art feast of bold hues and interesting shapes. As Renato Barilli of the University of Bologna said: “The most striking aspect of Mario Sughi’s work to date is his deep love of the human figure and its description, describing the thousands of occasions where our bodies are on display, whether in public or in private.

“But we must immediately qualify this preliminary observation: the artist is in no way in love with the flesh of which we are made. His interest does not lie in the need for our body to excrete, that is to say in goodness- used a couple of words, “sweat and tears,” and he doesn’t let those natural functions predominate. Instead, he focuses on our clothes and any other fashion accessory that gets in the way. adds to us, like a second skin, inevitably corrupted by the regurgitation of this first and natural skin, to which they are stuck like a polluted attribute.”

Mario, who lives and works in Dublin, said: “I like to walk around town or by the sea, capturing people out of the blue with my camera and then drawing inspiration from my photographs to create my paintings. . A place to go, a place to rest, weekends and lying on the grass – these have formed the basis of some of my recent works.”

All artworks are digital paintings and available for purchase via

Via submission to Creative Boom | All images courtesy of the artist

Marilyn M. Davis