Chalda Maloff Rising Curtain: digital paintings and aquatints

New York, NY, October 04, 2022 –(– Chalda Maloff
Raising curtain: digital paintings and aquatints
Exhibition dates: October 4 to 29, 2022
Reception: Thursday, October 6 | 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Location: Ceres Gallery, 547 W27th St.,
Suite 201, New York, NY 10001
Contact: Stefany Benson, Director

Ceres Gallery is pleased to present Rising Curtain: Digital Paintings and Aquatints, an exhibition of 35 works by Chalda Maloff. In a world where the course of our existence is increasingly uncertain, general anxiety has escalated to become an era-defining constant. To counter this collective sentiment, Maloff presents Rising Curtain as an affirmative celebration of every exquisite moment in time.

In this exhibition, Maloff combines a recent body of digital paintings with a series of aquatints executed in the 1980s. Distinctly different in medium, scale and technique, the two bodies of work embody the artist’s dedication to live what is ephemeral and singular. Additionally, both series exhibit a constant spirit of buoyancy and a sense of optimism.

“Looking at the aquatints from my own perspective, I saw a lot of similarities to my recent digital work – the compositions, the texture, the drama, and the importance of lighting. On this realization, I decided that I wanted to exhibit the two groups together.

The selection of aquatints stems from Maloff’s love of drama and affinity for the human form in motion. The gestures of the dance and the sensuality of the textured fabrics floating among the columns of light on the stage invite the spectator to commune with the present.

Likewise, the artist’s digital paintings can be seen as a kind of intimate theater made up of shapes that float and slide, move forward and backward. Diaphanous and luminous forms interact with dissonant configurations and splashes, while natural forms and textures oppose those with mechanical qualities. This pleasing back and forth of aesthetic elements gives a deep appreciation of what is transient.

Maloff creates her digital paintings using a combination of freehand electronic tablet drawing and her developed complement of digital techniques. She does not use any photographic process. “As a lifelong student of art history, I feel fortunate to have at my disposal both centuries-old printing technologies and contemporary creative tools that the old masters could only have dreamed of. With this exhibition, I hope to leave the viewer energized and more deeply connected with the fleeting present moment,” offers Maloff.

Maloff’s art has been exhibited widely across the United States, as well as on four other continents. She has received awards from the Butler Museum of American Art and the VIII Salon de Arte Digital in Venezuela.

Maloff earned a BA in Art History from the University of California, Berkeley, has a PhD in Human Ecology from the University of Texas, and studied Renaissance art at Boston University. in Florence, Italy. The artist lives and works in Austin, Texas. To learn more about Maloff’s works, visit

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