Color palette generator allows digital artists to extract a full color scheme from any artwork

All great art has drawn on some form of internal or external inspiration. A new tool called Color Palette Generator allows digital designers to take their external muse and convert it directly into an applicable HEX color scheme for use on websites, apps, or new forms of interactive art.

In recent news, a trailer for a film about Vincent van Gogh titled “Loving Vincent” has started streaming online due to its unique painted animation that brings old masterpieces into a new video support. In the same way, this tool to create a color palette from an image gives digital artists the opportunity to use their favorite works and apply them to their own creations.

“I was giving a presentation on by Andy Warhol most famous pieces, and I was able to accompany each of his paintings with a digital interpretation using Color Palette Generator,” an art student told San Francisco.

It’s not just useful for artists who want to create their own digital art. Web designers have started using Color Palette Builder to apply color schemes from landscapes, product labels, and virtually any other image file to commercial websites, banner ads, or mobile apps.

This app was created by 10 Best Design, the same team that brought tools like the Dirty Markup HTML Beautifier to the development world.

SOURCE 10 Best Design

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Marilyn M. Davis