deadmau5 launches customizable performance software for digital artists and musicians: Dancing Astronaut

Fresh from the vault of deadmau5, OSC/PILOT is software that has been an integral part of producer live art since 2013. The customizable platform, which allows creatives to communicate with any DAW using the MIDI, was recently made available to the public. , after years of use as deadmau5’s control surface for his shows.

The customizable tool could be a valuable addition to any artist’s arsenal given its interoperability with a variety of apps, including Bitwig, AbletonLive, and TouchDesigner. This interoperability allows digital audio and visual designers to control content from one space with data from another desired space, with an overarching goal of facilitating streamlined user interface construction.

OSC/PILOT, which supports Windows 8.1 and 10, costs $49.99 and can be purchased here. Watch the demo of the new tool below.

Featured Image: Matt Barnes

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Marilyn M. Davis