deadmau5 releases new OSC/PAR plugin for digital artists

deadmau5 launches new OSC/PAR performance controller for digital artists

Proving to be a multi-faceted artist, deadmau5 dropped a surprise easter egg for producers and digital artists, introducing a brand new plugin called CSO/PAR.

OSC/PAR is an AU and VST3 plug-in for macOS and Windows that streams music events in real time from a favorite DAW to any OSC compatible client on the network. It sends transport information, automation events, MIDI notes to the track, and even the track list during live playback. MIDI notes can be seen visually with the grid of indicators at the top of the user interface. These events are converted into OSC messages which can be received in a VJ application or other musical devices for a highly interactive live session using WIFI or LAN connection. Additionally, the wide array of display options gives artists both their choice of canvas, as well as their choice of how to direct content to that canvas.

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Joel Zimmermann posted on his social networks:

“OSC/Par was originally developed as an essential requirement for a scene networking solution to FOH. I’m actually quite happy to share this with everyone as a handy little tool for all your DAW needs to OSC.:D”

CSO/PAR follows on from CSO/PILOT, a two-way control surface app that was released last year. It is designed as a performance tool for digital artists and musicians, and used by deadmau5 for many years as a control surface for touring shows. To more easily control audio and visual applications in a desktop application, OSC/PILOT allows artists to create their own performance interface for DAWs like Ableton Live, TouchDesigner and Bitwig Studio.

Check out the demo of the new tech product below and purchase the OSC/PAR plugin for $19.99 here!

Image credit: deadmau5 (via Facebook)

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