Designed by a triad of the most skilled digital artists, Alpha Kongs Club becomes the hottest prospect in the NFT space

The beauty of the visual arts is that they never stagnate, evolving every two years. Over the past few decades, digital art has slowly become one of the most popular mediums. Since then, they have been integrated into many projects, especially in the crypto space, with non-fungible tokens being the main example.

Following the sudden popularity of NFTs last year, many projects have sprung up in the crypto space with digital art as their main marketing advantage. However, while NFTs have caught the attention of enthusiasts, many artists have also found themselves drawn to the prospect of creating their own projects, including veteran digital artist Anthony Sieber.

Anthony Sieber is an artist who has lent his creative talents to many blockbusters on TV, movies and on Netflix. He is known for creating the breathtaking dragons of game of thrones, a contribution to pop culture that saw its name nominated for the prestigious VES awards. Anthony has been busy working with the development of Alpha Kongs Club, an NFT project developed with two other artists, Tom Herzig and Ricardo Alves, which is set to take over the Metaverse.

Tom Herzig and Ricardo Alves are no strangers to the art world. They’ve also been responsible for the beautiful world-building and design of sci-fi blockbusters like Star Wars. The Mandalorian, The Last Jedi, A thugand Discovery of Star Trekamong many other hit titles.

The triad of highly skilled artists developed the Alpha Kongs Club, a collection of 8,888 Alpha Kong NFTs.

The triad of highly skilled artists developed the Alpha Kongs Club, a collection of 8,888 Alpha Kong NFTs. With the focus of the project becoming their magnum opus, each artist devoted their full attention to creating the NFTs. Compared to other projects, Alpha Kongs Club will consist of three-dimensional gorillas, showcasing the creator’s expertise in the field of animation.

In the midst of their journey to revolutionize the NFT space, Anthony, Tom and Ricardo designed the Alpha Kongs Club NFT to get a head start on other projects by creating them as Blue Chip NFTs.

Blue Chip NFTs are considered a safe bet and a reliable investment. With the number of projects taking off in the NFT space, the market has been speculating which NFT collection is set to reach the next level of blue chips. However, several factors help potential holders and investors navigate hundreds of projects, including art style, artists, developers, utility, project floor price and sales volume, celebrity endorsements, and project community. Alpha Kongs Club holds a strong advantage with several prerequisites checked.

Although Alpha Kongs Club has yet to launch, they have already gained a solid following on Instagram and Twitter following the launch of their Discord server. Since then, 200,000 early supporters have come together to support the project, making it one of the fastest growing communities in the NFT space. Some supporters have already taken their enthusiasm to the next level by getting the project emblem tattooed. Others, on the other hand, have dedicated their time to creating fan art, music, and social media channels to spread the word about the upcoming project.

Alpha Kongs Club still offers plenty of space for potential community members looking to gain a spot on their whitelist despite the growing community.

Marilyn M. Davis