Dreamlike digital paintings capture the beauty of aquatic life

Artist Devin Elle Kurtz creates stunning digital art with a dreamlike and quirky quality. When not working as the lead background painter for the Netflix animated show Disenchantmentshe develops her own personal projects, such as the series of underwater paintings entitled mermay | underwater house. These fantastic illustrations represent children wandering in a house submerged in the ocean. On the other side of the large picture windows are a variety of sea creatures such as manta rays, sharks, jellyfish and even a mermaid.

Although these digital paintings lack text, Kurtz finds a way to convey a narrative through his rendering of unique characters and compositions. The same two children appear in each of the scenes and we, as spectators, accompany them in their explorations of the imaginary setting.

The desire to be an artist and tell stories has long been a passion for Kurtz. “I remember that from the age of 10, I thought that I wanted to be an artist professionally”, she explains. “Throughout my childhood I loved Disney, Ghibli and Dreamworks movies as well as the many cartoon TV series I watched. I loved comics and manga and initially wanted to make comics drawn for a living. As I grew to love digital painting, I drifted away from that specific goal, but continued to love working on sequential art and storytelling alongside my artwork.

In addition to finding inspiration in different forms of visual media, Kurtz is also inspired by the beauty of the animal kingdom and the environment. “I think the creature theme is unique in my works and helps create a unifying theme of nature, magic and wonder,” she continues. This is evident in mermay | underwater housein the way the two protagonists gaze in wonder at the marine life that roams all around them.

Scroll down to see more Kurtz digital art and follow the artist on instagram to keep up to date with his latest creations.

Artist Devin Elle Kurtz creates dreamlike digital paintings of a house submerged in the ocean.

Digital art by Devin Elle Kurtz

It shows two child protagonists wandering through the different rooms and watching the sea creatures through the bay windows.

Digital art by Devin Elle KurtzDigital art by Devin Elle KurtzDigital art by Devin Elle KurtzDigital art by Devin Elle KurtzDigital art by Devin Elle KurtzDigital art by Devin Elle KurtzDigital art by Devin Elle KurtzDigital art by Devin Elle KurtzDevin Elle Kurtz: Website | instagram | Twitter

My Modern Met has granted permission to feature photos by Devin Elle Kurtz.

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