Fantastic Digital Paintings Depict Otherworldly Environments

In art, creatives often capture the beauty of their surroundings or render worlds of their own invention. Artist Andy Kehoe is an artist who brilliantly merges the two. He continues to depict alluring fantasy environments occupied by “human-animal hybrids and spirit creatures”. Each of her digital paintings offers a glimpse of a living setting with intriguing characters and stories.

Kehoe draws heavily from the art of Romanticism, the 19th century art movement that emphasized emotion and drama. He tries to create an equally magical atmosphere in his landscapes. “With an emphasis on imagination and emotional response as a source of aesthetic experience, my fantasy images evoke a sense of wonder by emphasizing the mystery and grandeur of nature and the cosmos” , Kehoe told My Modern Met.

While the artist’s work is united by a theme of supernatural lore, each individual piece contains its own unique story. As the viewer admires the detail of Kehoe’s intricate depictions, they can unpack an array of fascinating details that contribute to the mystique of Kehoe’s paintings.

Currently, the artist creates one digital painting per month for his Patreon. You can purchase original artwork and prints through Kehoe’s Online Store, and stay informed of the artist’s latest creations by following him on instagram.

Artist Andy Kehoe creates stunning digital paintings of imaginary environments and mysterious characters.

Fantastic digital paintings by Andy KehoeFantastic digital paintings by Andy KehoeDigital paintings by Andy KehoeDigital paintings by Andy KehoeDigital paintings by Andy KehoeAndy Keho: Website | instagram | Patreon

My Modern Met has granted permission to feature photos of Andy Kehoe.

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