Fantastic Digital Paintings Position Wildlife In Abnormally Colorful Environments

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#animals #digital #environment #painting

October 14, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images courtesy of Grove Square Galleries, shared with permission

photographer artist Jim Naughten takes a whimsical candy-colored look at lush ecosystems and surreal animal portraits in Eremozoica personal exhibition presented at Grove Square Galleries until November 18. Comprised of digitally altered compositions, the series centers on rhinos, manatees and a myriad of wildlife against eerie, otherworldly settings: a large brown bear stands on its hind legs in a field of bright pink grass, a gorilla similarly rests in vibrant foliage, and orangutans swing through leafy branches in shades of blue.

While the animals are usually isolated in true color, the backgrounds evoke infrared photography, and Naughten’s unnatural alterations tint the otherwise realistic images with magical elements. The artist says the manipulations convey humanity’s growing disconnect with the environment, which he explains in a statement:

I’m interested in how, in the blink of an evolutionary eye, humans came to dominate and overwhelm the planet and how fundamentally and dangerously different our relationship to the natural world has become from that of our ancestors. . I hope the work will create awareness and discourse about this disconnect, our fictional ideas about the nature and possibilities of positive change.

Although the pieces venture into a strange realm of kaleidoscopic detail, they have a biological reality at their heart, and the title of the exhibition, Eremozoic, refers to the current era of earth’s evolution. Biologist and writer EO Wilson introduced the term to characterize this “period of mass extinction due to human activity. The Ereromozoic Age is also called the Age of Loneliness, and this sense of dislocation and disorientation is captured in Naughten’s description of nature as an unknown, unnatural realm.

In addition to the collection featured here, Naughten shares a variety of otherworldly renders on his website and instagram. (Going through Creative boom)

#animals #digital #environment #painting

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