Fantasy atmospheres are rendered with dark impasto strokes in digital paintings by RHADS

Inasmuch as


#digital #impasto #surreal

February 4, 2021

Grace Ebert

“Sequel to the dream”. All images © Artem Chebokha, shared with permission

Impasto strokes in deep shades of blue and gray form the volatile environments in the backdrop Artem Chebokha‘s surreal works. The St. Petersburg-based artist, who uses the nickname RHADS, mimics the texture of oil paint in his digital pieces. Set in thick clouds and pockets of lightning, elements of unusual scale, like tiny airplanes or an oversized octopus, create otherworldly atmospheres filled with unpredictable weather and open expanses.

Prints of Chebokha’s dream paintings are available at Company6. Head toward instagram to see a larger collection of his pieces, including a 3D shot of the work above, and keep an eye out for his next project that fuses art and music. (Going through Cross Connect Magazine)

“A Great Storm Approaches”

“City of love”

“Floating in the Dark”


“The nostalgia of air travel”

#digital #impasto #surreal

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