Get all the digital art tools you need for $40

Content is still king on the internet, even in an age of meme culture and endless remakes. This goes double for visual art, and like anything else worth doing, good art requires two basic things: lots of practice and the right tools. The former is up to you, but there’s no excuse not to get the latter. by Pixarra Studio Pack 3 is available now, and it’s an incredibly affordable way to create better art, faster.

Pixarra has improved with each iteration of its Studio software, and this latest version might be the most streamlined yet. If you’re familiar with TwistedBrush Pro Studio, you’ll know all of Paint Studio 3’s great tools, from robust brush editing to reference image features. The big difference here is ease of access and use. It makes a great digital sketchbook for artists perfecting their craft, but also has enough features to meet (and exceed) the needs of working professionals.

The pack comes with Paint Studio 3, plus six other compatible Pixarra apps, including Blob Studio and Liquid Studio for modeling new objects in minutes, plus Luminance Studio where you can paint them in vibrant neon tones. Working on landscapes or game settings? Fill them with lush greenery in a fraction of the time with Tree Studio. Pixel Studio 3 is tailor-made for sprites and retro icons, and you can touch up any snapshot with Selfie Studio.

Whether you’re a casual smartphone photographer or a professional graphic designer, you’ll find something to take your art to the next level in this pack. PCMag readers can get Studio Pack 3 today for $39.99, which is 49% off the MSRP of $79.

Prices subject to change.

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Marilyn M. Davis