Global Vogue Titles Unveils Metaverse Experience to Shine a Light on Digital Artists

Quick take:

  • The ocean metaverse experience includes digital sculptures.
  • Many of the artworks are inspired by the pages of Vogue’s September issues and digital fashion.
  • The Vogue Meta-Ocean was launched by Vogue China to build on a previous metaverse creation.

Global Vogue titles today unveiled their metaverse experience dubbed Vogue Meta-Ocean. The experience includes a world above water and underwater featuring the works of 24 artists nominated by Vogue’s global titles editorial teams, including India, Australia, Mexico and India. Latin America, Japan and China.

Artwork in this ocean metaverse experience includes digital sculptures and pieces inspired by the pages of Vogue’s September issues and digital fashion, with more artists and art to be added gradually.

“Fashion has always been about creative freedom and challenging norms. Whether or not you already dress in a metaverse, the new thinking in digital fashion and virtual fashion is fascinating to see,” says Anna Wintour, chief content officer at Condé Nast and global editorial director at Vogue. “Designers who work in this way will only become better known and more influential, and I’ll be eager to see what they do next.”

According to Vogue, artists contributing to Meta-Ocean include Indian Anushka Tendolkar, who created sculptures as part of the underwater city of Atlantis; the Frenchman Samy LaCrapule, who was inspired by the canons of the Italian Renaissance to create statues by Bottega Veneta, Versace and Valentino; and China’s Momo Chen, whose work (originally created for the January issue of Vogue China) captures the five elements as defined by Chinese philosophers.

The Vogue Meta-Ocean initiative was launched by Vogue China to build on a previous metaverse creation called Infinite+ (pronounced Infinity), an avatar that graced the cover of a companion title called Vogue+. Infini+ was designed by Chinese digital artist Cattin Tsai, using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and its backstory was conceptualized by a group of Chinese writers, artists, poets and virtual avatars.

Tsai was the guest editor for the June issue of Vogue China and has also contributed works inspired by sea life to support ocean conservation.

The Meta-Ocean was created to house Infini+, which will extend the avatar concept beyond the pages of Vogue, said Margaret Zhang, editor-in-chief of Vogue China.

“The ocean as a concept is so global, so we used it as an origin story to showcase digital art and talent around the world and how digital fashion is changing the way we approach filming” , adds Zhang.

Meta-Ocean plans to offer collectible and NFT digital sales in partnership with luxury NFT platform TRLab – subject to regulatory laws – to promote ocean knowledge and awareness.

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