Meet the 3 winning digital artists of Absolut Vodka’s Creator 2021 contest

Samuel’s work represents the link between freedom of expression and freedom of spirit.

“You are only as powerful as your mind. Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in the physical. What young Nigerians need right now is a transformation in their minds to a bigger and better Nigeria. -Samuel Yusuf

Find Samuel on Instagram @Dharkpearl_arts.

Ernest’s article talks about the need to marry our culture and our history with the possibilities for a better future that technology offers us.

“Nigerian history and cultural background is full of great potential which when fused with current contemporary technology, the future will be very productive for all Nigerians” – Ernest Chibuike

Find Ernest on Instagram @ernest_ibe

With his piece, Nelson wants to illustrate that culture is freedom and that everyone should be able to express themselves.

“We were taught in school that culture is a people’s way of life. Our culture is freedom – or it should be. Everyone should be able to express themselves, only then can we thrive in our way of life” – NELSON SAMUEL OLADELE

Find Nelson on Instagram @nelson__xp

The competition, which saw an incredible 204 entries, aimed to celebrate the rise of digital creativity in Nigeria and required entrants to choose a central theme for their artwork from Absolut Vodka’s brand beliefs:

All participants will also walk away with consolation rewards like a personalized Absolut t-shirt and a bottle of Absolut Extrakt!

Visit the official Absolut Vodka Nigeria Instagram page @absolutng or the contest page to check out many other entries that were also noteworthy.

Marilyn M. Davis