Meet the digital artists taking over iconic billboards with Porsche

Porsche is giving a new generation of innovative digital artists the chance to realize their dreams, setting up their forward-looking work in some of the most iconic and busiest places in the world today.

In partnership with KÖNIG GALERIE (known for representing and exhibiting a roster of cutting-edge international artists), the Global Gallery takes over the world’s most famous billboards with art for eight weeks. From Times Square in New York to the legendary Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, this moment has already been a game-changer for these artists, as their work continues to be seen by more people than ever before.

The Global Gallery is the latest chapter of Porsche’s Dreamers. At.’ initiative, which helps people achieve their wildest dreams. It’s a philosophy that’s been present in the company since its inception over 70 years ago, and goes back to the company’s founder, Ferry Porsche, who couldn’t find the car he was dreaming of and so decided to build it himself.

Marilyn M. Davis