Meet the digital artists who transform iconic furniture into dancing coat racks and flammable chairs

Laurent is still skeptical. “To me, it still seems like a vague term, and one that’s already being picked up by people who are only interested in business,” he says. But he also sees huge possibilities in this emerging field. “Creators have a role to play in this future, a leading role even. They just need to have as much freedom as possible and not be constrained by the general conditions of use of future platforms, which could completely sanitize creation. There is a whole world to build, it remains to be seen which world it will be.

Meanwhile, Khyati believes that creating works in the digital realm offers us the opportunity to create “prototypes of what this future holds”, allowing us to ask a series of thorny questions: “How does our relationship to technology and the way we interact with it currency? Will we feel inclined to attach the same value (both financially and emotionally) to virtual objects and experiences as to physical objects?” This installation is just one first step towards understanding and answering these questions.

Christie feels that there are already areas where these questions are beginning to find answers. “I’ve worked in the digital fashion space and that alone encourages an endless narrative of pure self-expression that just wasn’t possible before,” she says. “We can be whoever we want, asexual if we want, and explore ourselves or our communities using a more empathetic approach.” She acknowledges, however, that the Metaverse is still young and “continues to evolve and adapt every day”.

And finally, for Yonk, the realm of the Metaverse offers “unlimited opportunities” and their dancing Groovy Chair is a perfect example. “In this installation, you can already imagine how digital possibilities such as the metaverse will translate and extend the use of physical objects,” they tell us. “We may not need to sit on the Groovy Chair in the Metaverse, but we can certainly dance with it.”

Marilyn M. Davis