NFTMagic now allows digital artists to attach licenses to their content: details

Vladislav Sopov

NFTMagic will change the narrative of copyright protection in the NFT segment


  • New method of commercial use of NFTs
  • Empowering the NFT Space with Ardor: What is NFTMagic?

NFTMagic is a next-generation digital collectibles marketplace focused on lowering the barriers to minting and trading NFT. It relies on Ardor, a high-performance smart contract platform, for cost-effective token creation and transfers.

New method of commercial use of NFTs

The NFTMagic marketplace for non-fungible tokens introduced a number of cutting-edge concepts to the Web3 world. More importantly, it allows users to attach licenses to each NFT minted.

None of the heavy markets – OpenSea, Rarible, – currently have similar functionality. At the same time, it is crucial for the commercial use of NFTs.

The Creative Commons license allows any Internet user to distribute and publish such or such content without authorization from the creators; it is attached to Wikipedia articles, for example.

Custom licenses, on the other hand, must be attached to items intended for commercial use. It opens up a plethora of new opportunities for creators, buyers, and curators.

Empowering the NFT Space with Ardor: What is NFTMagic?

The licensing process is transparent: each merchant can associate different labels to their holdings: from “only trade and sale, artwork for personal use” to “commercial use of the work and modifications are authorized” and “transfer of copyright included”.

NFT owners can upgrade the license status of their works even after the token sale. The license cannot be downgraded.

NFTMagic Marketplace is the most popular digital art marketplace on Ardor, a highly scalable Pure Proof-of-Stake blockchain with unparalleled levels of decentralization and extremely low fees.

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