Paris Hilton Creates LACMA Acquisition Fund for Female Digital Artists

LOS ANGELES — Hotel heiress, media personality and entrepreneur Paris Hilton has launched a fund for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to support the acquisition of digital art by female artists.

The fund will acquire artwork from women who have a variety of artistic practices, including artificial intelligence, augmented reality, animation, photography, performance, video, and non-fungible tokens, commonly referred to as NFTs.

“We are grateful to Paris Hilton for her initiative to bring more digital art by female artists into our collection,” said Michael Govan, CEO of LACMA and Director of Wallis Annenberg. “LACMA has always been interested in experimentation and risk-taking in art, and this initiative will help the museum – and Los Angeles – continue to evolve into an important center for digital art.”

LACMA has already used the fund to acquire two pieces for its permanent collection:

— “Continuum: Los Angeles” by Korean-Canadian artist Krista Kim, which depicts a vibrant color gradient that evolves over a 40-minute loop; and

— “The Question” by British artist Shantell Martin, who uses digital technologies to integrate drawing into the work.

The pieces, which LACMA says explore the effects of digital technology on people’s perception and interaction, will be included in a fall exhibit examining digital innovation by women artists.

“As an activist and entrepreneur who likes to push boundaries in many male-dominated fields, I immediately identified with the need to support women in Web3,” Hilton said, referring to an idea in the world crypto of a new internet service built with decentralized blockchains.

“There are so many incredibly bright and creative female innovators in the space.”

Marilyn M. Davis