Shakopee Student Shortlisted for National Digital Paintings Award

A Shakopee-area Catholic student is recognized for her digital painting. Her creativity may soon thrust her into the national spotlight.

Taylor Wright first dabbled in digital painting a few years ago.

“Digital painting is basically trying to replicate what a normal painting would look like, but on my phone,” Taylor said.

Today, at the age of 13, his works are increasingly recognized.

“I’m really proud of myself and I think about the struggle I’ve been through to get to where I am, and how proud I am of who I am now,” she said.

Winner of the Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards – two of his designs – ‘Yellow’ and ‘Citizen’ – join an array of young works currently on display on the University of Minnesota campus.

Taylor Wright’s “Citizen” is on display at the Regis West Art Gallery in Minneapolis. (FOX 9)

“Through my painting, I tried to portray what other people, what other Asian Americans might feel,” Taylor said.

She finds her inspiration in adversity.

“The portrait up there shows someone wanting to change and the self portrait shows being proud of how they look,” she said. “So to be proud to be an American and to be proud of who I am.”

Currently, both digital paintings are in the running for a national medal. The next exhibition could be at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Taylor’s family is thrilled.

“I’m so proud I can barely stand it, she’s a gift,” said Sherrill Ostergren, Taylor’s grandmother.

Using a cellphone as a backdrop, Taylor proves the possibilities are limitless.

“Definitely find something through which you can express yourself, because it’s hard now, but it will get better,” she said.

Taylor’s work is currently on display at the Regis West Art Gallery in Minneapolis. She will know next month if she will get the national medal.

Marilyn M. Davis