This $50 App Helps Digital Artists Create Vivid 3D Human Figure Models

The rules of drawing have undergone a profound metamorphosis since the era before digital canvases. Back then, it took a lot of consideration if you wanted to draw a human figure. You had to adjust the proportions of your figure, and then start bubbling in the form of various body segments.

If the head was too big or the arms were the wrong length, you may need to start over to make sure your figure doesn’t end up looking like a cartoon when you’re done. In fact, to get it right, you probably had to start with one of those wooden human mannequins to use as a guide.

Today, digital artists have resources that our pen-and-ink predecessors never dreamed of just a few decades ago. One such drawing aid is an app like the JustSketchMe pose reference tool.

Rather than trying to watch it all yourself, JustSketchMe gives the digital artist a giant head start. It’s a handy 3D modeling app that lets creative designers drop a fully movable human figure right into their work, which they can then start bringing to life.

Artists can choose the type of body that suits their work, whether it is a man or a woman, an adult or a child. Next, JustSketchMe allows users to adjust the rotation of each figure at its various joints to create the natural pose they want for their character. They can even change lighting, perspective and add objects to get a figure in the exact position with the exact proportions they want.

JustSketchMe also comes with a library of poses, which allows artists to take their 3D character in the exact preset pose, from standing or sitting to much more dynamic actions like running, jumping or even punching a dastardly bad guy.

Whether you’re sketching for advertising, a character for an anime or comic book, or simply replicating a realistic human form, these JustSketchMe figures provide artists with the angle, skeleton, and muscle base references that go hand-in-hand with your details to make the figurine entirely your own.

A JustSketchMe subscription also works with all your Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices. Regularly $540, you can purchase a lifetime subscription to the JustSketchMe Pose benchmark tool now at 90% off, just $49.99.

Prices subject to change.

Marilyn M. Davis