VisualTimmy advances by bringing professional digital art tools to everyday creation

VisualTimmy is a leading artist who creates sets of digital brushes and textures for the Procreate iPad app, inspiring more inspired artists to try new styles.

VisualTimmya leading digital artist from California who believes getting into digital art should be easy, continues to make waves in the global industry by bringing professional digital art tools to everyday creation.

The Creator XL Bundle for Procreate, VisualTimmy’s most wanted product, is the ultimate Procreate bundle for digital artists. It allows them to create more fantastic things in Procreate with a set of brushes, textures to procreateand color palettes.

The best Procreate pack includes over 400 premium Procreate brushes, 60 curated Procreate color palettes, free lifetime updates, and nine products bundled at 70% off. With the bundle, digital artists can create rad art in no time. They can use it for personal work, commercial projects, print-on-demand, publishing and printing, and NFT.

The Procreate bundle also provides brushes for sketching, brushes for inking, large brushes for color blocking, one-click brushes for adding texture, and seamless patterns for backgrounds and designs. quick and easy refills.

In addition, the Procreate pack also offers halftone brushes for retro and pop-art style work, stippling brushes for tattoo designs, time-saving pre-made stamps and shapes, and organized color palettes. to take the guesswork out with color.

VisualTimmy also offers Custom Brush Builder, another popular product that allows artists to create their own brushes with over 300 textures.

With this huge library of textures, they can create the perfect set of brushes for their own style and needs, whether they’re looking to create brushes to sell or just experiment and create a personal set.

Rosie, in a comment on Reviews on Visual Timmypraised Timmy for providing a platform that offers so many great brush tips and updates.

“Thanks for the update on your brushes. They are great. Also thanks for demonstrating how to use the swatch pack and animations. So many great tips here,” Rosie wrote in a review.

LD MsOperatta, in a separate verified review, said she was a complete beginner using Procreate and described VisualTimmy’s Creator Bundle XL as a “great starting point” for those wading through the complexities of Procreate.

“I’m a total beginner using Procreate. The amount of brushes and palettes available was overwhelming to say the least. VisualTimmy’s Creator Bundle XL was a great starting point for me as I navigated the vast world of Procreate. Thank you, Timmy,” says LD MsOperatta.

Meanwhile, Kristin Conant, who recently illustrated a Christmas book for a Colorado publisher, says VisualTimmy provides a wonderful way to add depth and richness.

“All the work was done in Procreate. Adding these brushes has been a wonderful way to add depth and richness to my work. I really enjoy playing with them and have come to rely on several brushes in particular,” says Kristin Conant.

Those who want to learn more about VisualTimmy and the range of products available to digital artists can visit the website and social channels for more information.

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